Generate test data for your database

Quick recipes to test real applications with random data

Use an existing data model and customize it to mimick your table structure or create one from scratch.
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Why do I need to fill a database with random data?

When developing an application, you would be wise to test it. You might test it for correctness and you might test it for load. Both of these situations benefit from having a large body of data that is semi-coherent (so you can kind of inspect it) but that is automatically generated. Manually inserting 3 or 4 rows in each table just isn't good enough. This is an attempt at making the problem smaller. Generating fixtures has never been easier.

Quick How-to

Select a table structure from the default list and hit "Generate data" to see an example with 10 rows of fake data. Return to the homepage and select "Full Custom" or add columns by clicking "Add another column", to represent your table schema. You can also generate as many rows as you wish by inserting the desired number on top-right input called "Generated rows". You might have to wait a bit if you select a high enough number though.

Save and Load table structures

When you've created a table structure that you think you might want to keep while you play with the tool or even one to come back to on another day, just hit "Save recipe". Hit "Load recipe" whenever you come back and your structure will be waiting for you.

More Features?

I've created this because I needed something like it and hadn't found it before. It's currently not high on features (eg. you can only save/load one structure at a time). If you find that you like the tool and would fancy more features, or even just for regular feedback, don't hesitate in telling me at [email protected]. If you need to generate credit card numbers you might want to try this other tool.